Thursday, 4 October 2012


Dunlin at Marshside in September
Thank-you to all the members of Peter Baron's 'Birds and their Habitat' Whitefield class for your support in receiving this website today.  It seems that most of you (including someone from Bury Council) liked the idea and hopefully it will serve to enhance the learning experience in our classes.

It's my intention to write up the topics discussed each week and present them here together with additional photographs and links to other relevant websites.  All the information and photographs included will be fully accredited to the person who originates them.

If anyone already has a Flickr album on the internet and would like it included here, just let me know its web address.  Or if you'd like to find out about how to put your bird photos online with Flickr, I can set up a free account for you and show you how to upload your photos at the end of one of the sessions.

If you'd like to contribute anything to this website in the form of an article, a trip report or some photographs, please get in touch in class or by e-mail at the address below. In addition, if you find any errors or have any ideas for extending and improving the website, I'd like to hear from you.

Finally, if you'd like to make a comment on a particular post, just click on the word 'Comments' at the bottom of the post, type your message in the text box, choose 'Anonymous' in the 'Comment As' dropdown menu and then click the Publish button.  You can include your name in the message if you like.

Martyn Jones (aka GeekTeacher)

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