Friday, 12 April 2013

Peter's Starring on the Radio

Peter Baron, our glorious leader, will be starring on BBC Radio 4's iPM programme tomorrow (Saturday 13th April) at 5:30pm.  I will try to record the program and put it on this website just in case you don't manage to catch it live.  As you know, Peter has an incredible knowledge of birds and he is very entertaining with it, so it will undoubtably be a good listen.


Click the 'Play' button below to hear Peter's interview on your computer:

Or if you want to download an MP3 file of it, right click on this link,  Peter on Radio 4 and choose 'Save As' or 'Download Linked File' depending on your computer.


  1. Great to be able to listen to Peter's broadcast

  2. Great - thanks for recording it for us Martyn.
    Laura Ettrick


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