Thursday, 13 December 2012

Session 11 - 13th December 2013

This was the final session of the term and it turned into a bit of a Christmas party as many members of the class had kindly brought lots of snacks, cakes and drinks.

To be honest, not a lot of work was done today, and we mainly focused on collecting handouts that had been missed during the term, and a quiz on bird identification.

Martyn showed some photos of the Water Rail that he had taken on the aborted fieldtrip to Mere Sands Wood last week:

Water Rail from the Lancaster Hide at Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve (c) Martyn Jones
Peter then gave some directions were given to the location of a Barn Owl near to the Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve as well as the Owls and Hen Harriers at Parkgate on the Wirral.  He also informed us of six Waxwings at Callendar Street in Ramsbottom.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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