Welcome to the website for Peter Baron's 'Birds and their Habitats' classes which run at the Whitefield, Prestwich and Ramsbottom libraries in Greater Manchester each week from September to May. For full details, check out Bury Council's Adult Learning website here: Birds and their Habitats

I'm Martyn Jones (aka GeekTeacher), a brand new member of the class and, after discussing the idea with Peter, have decided to set up a website for these sessions in order to enhance the learning experience for all concerned.

The website will contain much of the information discussed in each class, together with links to other useful information about birds in general.  There will be a place for class members to display their birding photographs as well as fieldtrip reports and a discussion forum.

Peter Baron has been the county bird recorder at Elton Reservoir in Bury for over 20 years, and his reputation goes before him for being very knowledgeable,  approachable and humorous in any matters concerning birding. His classes are always full and most people who attend return from year to year.

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